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5 Things by the Time I’m 30

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The countdown is officially on. I’m nearing the big 3-0. It’s an exciting and fun time of life. My husband and I are happily secure enough to get to do some travel. We live close enough to 90% of our family to see them on a weekly or monthly basis. We have a fabulous group of friends who, although they live literally across the globe, make it a point to stay close utilizing technology.

True, we’ve been handed some really rough lemons over the years, but we have always chosen to turn them into SourPatch Kids. The 30s are going to be our best decade.


Jay Gatsby agrees. His 20s sucked too.

To be fair, I would seriously contemplate bodily harm on anyone who tried to send me back to the start of my 20s. People say they’d “give anything to be 20 again.” I don’t think they know what this term means.

What is fun about being poor, lonely and uncertain about your direction in life, feeling like the whole world must understand this better than you? (It’s possible that this is not everyone’s 20s experience. I hear there was parties and drinking for some.)

That being said, transitioning from your third decade of life into your fourth should be met with a certain pizazz. So I queried the world. What should I do while I was still “living it up” in my 20s?

5 Things to Do Before I turn 30

  1. Put away Catch-22. I’ve literally been trying to read this novel since I really was 20. Ten years is a reasonable length to read a single book… right, Goodreads? I just can’t get into it, and I feel that it’s time to recognize that there are many more books our there for me to love. It’s okay to give up and spend time doing the things that you love more.
  2. Say thank you to my mentors. If there’s anything that Lord of the Rings taught us, it’s that no one gets to the end of their journey alone. I want to make sure that the lovely women who came before me and paved the way know exactly how much I appreciate their interest and time with me. Turning 30 has made me think a lot about what the mentors in my life were doing at 30, and admiring the fact that they had a lot more barriers than I did because of the good work they did. It’s a philosophy of appreciation and candor that I am trying very hard to cultivate in the world. This includes people like our mom, who had a career in a time that still looked down upon women prioritizing working.
  3. Travel internationally (again). Okay, this one is a bit of a cop-out, because my amazing in-laws treated us to a trip to Central America in May. There is nothing like travel overseas to help you live in the present, to experience every moment by overcoming your anxiety. I climbed pyramids. I rafted through mountain caves. I stood at the sea and told it just how infinite it is. And of course, before I turn 30, Leah and I are headed to London to spend a few days satisfying my inner history nerd. Happy Birthday, Laney!
  4. Go Kayaking. In recent years, I’ve discovered my inner outdoors-woman (should have known she’d be found on or near the water). It’s something that I would never have known about myself if my husband hadn’t gently encouraged me to stretch my limits and try something new. I want to develop a hobby that gets me outside, in nature, away from books and couches. Kayaking is a great option.
  5. Learn one, new, mind-blowing thing. I love learning, but it’s rarer in life to stumble across a revelation that shakes up your perspective. I have a few months left to go, but I want to know something big or small that changes the way that I see the world. So tell me something beautiful, blog-ees.

Well, that’s my list! What do you think about age-based goals? Is it just a load of malarky, or worth exploring?


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