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The ultimate site for a generation sidetracked by the fandom life

About Us

Welcome to the ultimate site for a generation sidetracked by fandom. Sister bloggers Leah and Laney geek out on everything you love: books, movies, TV shows, art, and those who create it. Most importantly, On A Tangent values the diversity of your loves and the love of diversity.

The Tangent OverlordsWriters


Laney is the INFJ healer of her ninja squad and insists that her crayons ARE magical. She liked Christian Bale before it was cool, and defies anyone who thinks Jo doesn’t belong with Laurie. She reads too much nonfiction for her own good, which Leah believes will be what starts her down the road to supervillainy. If Laney were a superhero, she would be Peter Petrelli. In real life, Laney works saving the world one volunteer at a time, and is married to Captain America’s mild-mannered alter-ego. Together, they own two pets: Tsunade, a calico aptly named for her stealth and serious gambling problems, and Aurora, a Cairn terrier aptly named for her love of sleep.

You can join in her crusade on: Twitter / Tumblr / Pinterest

MegaCon Pic

Leah is the site’s resident INTJ Fire Nation Princess, and a lover of all things superhero (especially Peggy Carter; yes, that IS Hayley Atwell in the above photo). She has a healthy obsession with dragons and were she offered the chance to become any mythical creature, she would choose Iskierka from the Temeraire series. (Yo ho, yo ho, the (dragon) pirate life for her.) She is the self-proclaimed president of the Beliara fan club and captains the good ship Galiara, a title which will become relevant upon the publication of Laney’s first book. Leah recently graduated from a school that is not Hogwarts, and has reluctantly accepted the truth of Laney’s claims that she’s a Slytherin, though she owns a Ravenclaw shirt. Eventually, Leah will be the owner of two cats, which she plans to name Taran and Eilonwy (of the red-gold fur). She reads books for a living.

You can become her minion on: Pinterest/ Goodreads

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