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Marvel Mondays: The Hero We Want, The Hero We Deserve

Agent_Carter_New_LogoIn which Leah watches Agent Carter.  And by “watches Agent Carter”, she means feverishly takes notes on how to live her life. A-hem. Moving right along.

Last week saw the premiere of the much-anticipated Agent Carter mini-series, which Marvel is using to placate us in the hopes that we will forget about that little chunk of our collective heart that was ripped out by the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. mid-season finale. *sob*

But what a placation it is! This Monday treated us with not one, but two episodes to reacquaint ourselves with Peggy Carter in all her glory.  I could probably write a full thesis on the things that were done right in these first two episodes, but to spare you all the labor of reading it and my hands the labor of typing all that, I’ve cut it down to five elements of Agent Carter that I thought were done well. Continue reading

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The Schedule of Events!

Here at On a Tangent, we seek to bring you interesting and thought-provoking content about the things you (and we) love most! We also seek to fangirl about things that are cool, because, well, they’re cool.  With those goals in mind, here’s what you can look forward to on the blog for the foreseeable future!

Marvel Mondays: Hosted by Leah, Marvel Mondays will be tackling that phenomenon that’s taking over the known universe with its fast-paced action and wit, and endless string of actors named Chris. (Seriously, where do they get these guys?)  For the next few weeks, we’ll be talking about Marvel’s newest smash hit, Agent Carter, discussing sexism in the workplace, the nefarious scheming of the mysterious Leviathan, and, of course, our fabulous leading lady.  Meanwhile, we also might get snippets of Leah’s never-ending quest to hit 100% completion on LEGO Marvel Superheroes.

Worthy Women Wednesdays:  Wherein we talk about our favorite female characters, historical figures, and current women doing amazing and interesting things.  We’ll be adopting monthly themes, starting out with a discussion of some of the under-appreciated characters in one of our favorite girl-centric shows: Gilmore Girls!

And finally, Fandom Fridays:  A grab-bag of rants, reviews, and chatter, where you never know quite what you’re going to get.  Laney will engage you with poignant commentary, Leah will discuss her favorite role models villains, and we might even bring in a guest blogger or two!

So grab onto some rigging, get your sea legs ready, and prepare to sail off on a tangent!