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Marvel Mondays: “Time and Tide” Review

Welcome back to our Agent Carter reviews!

Since we had a week of hiatus (boo) and also a special feature last Monday, this week we’ll be talking about the episode that aired two weeks ago, “Time and Tide”.  (Spoilers for the episode below the cut!)

This week I’d like to examine a theme that occurred to me as I was writing my first draft of this piece. Originally, I planned to divide this review into two sections: one about Jarvis and his character revelations, and the other about Peggy and her battle with injustice.  But as I was looking over my notes and thinking about the two, I realized that this episode isn’t just about Peggy’s battle with injustice. In fact, Jarvis’s story too, is a battle with injustice in a way, as are a myriad of other small moments in the episode.  So today, we’re going to take a look at prejudice and injustice in the world of Agent Carter. Continue reading

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Marvel Mondays: The Hero We Want, The Hero We Deserve

Agent_Carter_New_LogoIn which Leah watches Agent Carter.  And by “watches Agent Carter”, she means feverishly takes notes on how to live her life. A-hem. Moving right along.

Last week saw the premiere of the much-anticipated Agent Carter mini-series, which Marvel is using to placate us in the hopes that we will forget about that little chunk of our collective heart that was ripped out by the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. mid-season finale. *sob*

But what a placation it is! This Monday treated us with not one, but two episodes to reacquaint ourselves with Peggy Carter in all her glory.  I could probably write a full thesis on the things that were done right in these first two episodes, but to spare you all the labor of reading it and my hands the labor of typing all that, I’ve cut it down to five elements of Agent Carter that I thought were done well. Continue reading